Our Team

Our Managing Partners have worked in senior management, started Inc. 500 companies and also taken a defense company from $1Million to $1Billion in revenue.

Our Approach

We're a system focused, relationship driven, collaborative partner and we excel at transforming businesses. 


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Our Capital

We are able to move quickly to meet immediate needs with bridge capital. We then work together to craft a roadmap for growth and generally invest from $3-7 Million of our own principal capital. Read more

Our Experience

We have worked in senior management, started multiple Inc. 500 companies, taken companies public, even grown a defense company from $1 Million to $1 Billion in annual revenues. Read more

Our Approach

We create relationships with our clients, not simply transactions. We’re after collaboration not control and the value we bring is the combination of capital, insight and experience. Read more

What We Are Looking For




Private Companies

With $3-30 Million in annual revenue.


Capable companies with stable systems in-place. 



Public Companies

With a market cap value of $10-100 Million.


Companies with a proven track record of profitablity. 



Cash positive, profitable companies


This is a relationship, not a transaction. 

“Everything starts with a conversation."